window-list-128x128.png Students demonstrate creative thinking, construct knowledge and develop innovative products and processes using technology.

(Please list resources directly below the corresponding objective using a bulleted list.)


a. apply existing knowledge to generate new ideas, products, or processes.

  • Sir Cumference Claymation - After reading the math adventure book, Sir Cumference and the Dragon of Pi by Cindy Neuschwander, students in Mr. Harris' and Mrs. Ketchum's sixth grade classrooms at Prosperity Elementary created claymation videos about math. Students wrote their own version of the story "Sir Circumference and the Round Table," during Language Arts; then made the movies during math. Click on the following links to view a student sample, teacher lesson plan, and various resources used by the teachers including sample claymation YouTube clips and teaching tips at the Prosperity TechPD page.
  • Civil Rights Project - Students in Andrae Harper’s 5th grade classroom at L’Ouverture Elementary in Wichita, KS learned a little bit more about themselves when learning about the Civil Rights movement during Black History Month. Mr. Harper asked students to research important people and events of the Civil Rights movement. The students used TrackStar to gather their research that they would use when interviewing people in their community about the impact the events had on the lives of their interviewees. After the research and interviews were completed, students collaborated by creating a collage of their work on a class Glog. Visit the lesson plan, research graphic organizer, interview questions and teaching video for more information.
  • TRC Blast Off - Students from White City and Kim Kroupa's class studied the solar system and created weather reports for their chosen planets. Click here to view their lesson plan.
  • Drag pictures and add captions to create a poster that describes story elements of a novel or have students create a new chapter for a novel. Comic Life
  • Create an audio Public Service Announcements (PSAs) dealing with health, political science, or environmental awareness. Students can submit their audio announcement to local radio stations to play on the air. GarageBand
  • Create podcasts to share students' analysis of books read in class (sequencing, author's purpose, alternative endings). Podcast will be linked on the teacher Web site and/or local library Web site for parents and community members to review. Garageband& iPhoto
  • Make a time line. Inspiration or Our Story
  • Record and display a picture book so students can make comments and ask questions as they listen to the story, as well as comment on classmates' questions. Voicethread
  • Participate in an interactive discussion thread. Moodle
  • Brainstorm project ideas with a prompt from the teacher. WallWisher Here is a link to a helpful video on using WallWisher in the classroom from Teacher Training Videos by Russell Stannard.

b. create original works as a means of personal or group expression.

  • Math Around Town - Prosperity students participated in a project where they interviewed community business leaders to discover how math is used in the real world. Go to their wiki to find student created digital stories using the iPod apps Sonicpics and Storykit, along with iMovie and Keynote.
  • Novel Study - Cindi Wacker's middle school students demonstrate their understanding of novel concepts, plot, and story context through their choice of final product development. The students are assessed using a rubric and used tools such as Inspiration, iMovie, flip cameras, Garage Band and Keynote for their creations. Click here to view their lesson plan, rubric, student samples, story maps and other teacher materials. You can also view of video of Cindi and her students in action by clicking here.
  • Decimal Raps Stacy Harris, a 6th grade teacher in Manhattan and her facilitator, Kristi Timms facilitated the student creation of these catchy beats to help make decimals a bit less frightening for all students! School Tube
  • Original Story Book Authors: Making a Difference - The 3rd and 4th graders at Central Elementary in Goodland and the 5th and 6th graders at Grinnell Middle School are making a difference by creating their own books and sharing them with a regional children's charity to be enjoyed by others. Click here for their teacher lesson plan.
  • Build Your Wild Self is an avatar site where Jenny Gridley, a facilitator in Wichita USD, works with teachers and students to create a character and then write a creative story about their new creation.
  • I Spy! - Students in Manhattan, Kansas created their own I Spy poems and illustrated books to share with younger students as a language arts activity. Read the facilitator blog post for more lesson details and to see a student sample.
  • Digital story telling using photos and a five paragraph essay written about a person with good character. Animoto or Picasa
  • Create personal time lines that connect to historical time lines using Inspiration or Our Story.
  • Create podcasts to help students communicate with their parents about their goals and expectations for the year. Garageband& iPhoto
  • Create slideshows to share knowledge about nouns and relevant pictures. iPhoto
  • Create on-line journals and student portfolios. Google Sites
  • On-line simulations and manipulations. NLVM
  • Identify character traits through word analysis. Wordle
  • Create comic strips to retell stories or retell life cycles in science. Make Belief Comix
  • Created movies that demonstrate the steps in the scientific method in a creative manner using flip videos. iMovie

c. use models and simulations to explore complex systems and issues.

  • Snowman Construction Company - Students in Jan Ward's Mulvane classroom had the opportunity to become canny mathematicians and persuasive sales people by constructing unique snowmen using a SMART Notebook template. They had to construct a snowman that their townsfolk would want to purchase and they had to use math and their sales skills to justify why their snowman was the best (lightest, tallest, cheapest, etc). Click here to review the Mrs. Ward's lesson plan.
  • Display models of real world architecture. Students can identify parts of the architecture by manipulating the image on a whiteboard. Google Sketchup 3D Warehouse
  • SMARTboard lessons created to demonstrate key concepts
  • Explore literature and social studies locations using Google Lit Trips.
  • Wander through the chambers and passageways of the great pyramids. Nova
  • Songs that go with math concepts. Percy Parker
  • On-line simulations and manipulations. NLVM
  • Multiplication Songs. Sing Your Times Tables link_icon.gif

d. identify trends and forecast possibilities.

  • If We Build (and Promote) It, They Will Come - The students in Goodland and Grinnell are determined to help their communities grow. Students conducted research and developed a global solution using the Internet. Visit the Goodland and Grinnell class Web sites to see how our students have researched the problems that come with a declining population, brainstormed solutions, and tied into their communities to make this project a reality. Also visit the lesson plan and companion teaching video for more information.
  • What is Your Opinion? - Students in Jason Townsend's 5th grade class used the SMART suite of tools to generate surveys, collect data, and analyze class trends in this interactive math lesson.
  • Photographs of science experiment results using Flickr.
  • Students use software to record data and calculate class averages. Excelor Google Spreadsheets
  • Students track three stocks and anticipate trends in the market based on seasons, economy, and world events. Stock Market Game