Elizabeth Simmons, grade 4 teacher at Sharon Elementary School in Suwanee, Georgia, teamed up with a teacher in the UK for a year-long project to meet all the NETS-S standards and also writing standards.
The UK teacher, Janet Gough at Cockerham Parochial CE Primary School, in northern Lancashire, won an award for their project from a group in the UK!
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Here's a PPT used at ISTE 2010 to share how the NETS-S were integrated all school year:

Here is a link to a three-minute video describing this project: http://www.epals.com/media/p/234664.aspx

Elizabeth Simmons was chosen as a keynoter to present this project in November 2010 at the Global Education Conference.
Here is her 50-minute presentation, including examples of student work and some interaction with the listening audience: http://bit.ly/ESimmons
Note that you will have to use Elluminate to view/hear this recorded session. The slides above are similar to the ones used here, but there is additional interaction and information in her presentation.